Use links like a pro
Learn to use links in boardme guides like a pro.


Links embedded in guides are a powerful way to guide your user throughout your application.
You can use links to tie onboarding flows together seamlessly from one page to the next, but you can also do so much more!
For example, boardme allows you to append query parameters to the link you're directing the user to, which then can be listened to by URL triggered Flows!
boardme also allows you to define target elements that you can inherit links from at runtime!
Let's discuss some of these features below.

Inheriting Links from a Target ELement

Sometimes link building is not as easy as routing users to a static page like the Contact page or the Index.
If you are working on a complex application, URLs might contain custom data as query parameters which are subject to change.
To handle these edge cases boardme has a link inheritance feature which lets you inherit a link from any anchor element on the page.
To inherit a link of an element, you can use the special boardme query parameter boardme-url-inherit.
The value of this parameter should be the HTML id or the class name of the element you are targeting.
For example:
Typing the example above as a boardme parameter will result in your link being inherited from the HTML Anchor Element with the id or class name my-custom-link-element.
If you want to further customize the onboarding experience and append query parameters to the inherited link you can use the boardme-url-append parameter to do that.

Appending Query Parameters to URLs

This is a powerful feature of boardme that works seamlessly with URL triggered Flows.
You can have any number of Flows set up listening on the same page but showing different features of the application, depending on where the user was directed from (what is contained in the query parameter).
To append custom data to the URL you can use the boardme-url-append query parameter.
For example:
Typing the example above as a boardme parameter will result in your link carrying the custom data you provided on the boardme query parameter.
Like so:
This feature supports the Link Inheritance feature of boardme.
If you're not using link inheritance, and you're driving users to a static route, feel free to design your own query parameters!