Frequently asked questions about boardme.

Do I Need a Developer to Get Started?

No, you can start building your user onboarding with boardme without a developer!
To activate boardme live, you will need to copy and paste the boardme code snippet into your application or website, for which you might need a developer.

How are Monthly Active Users Calculated?

Similar to Google Analytics, a unique user session is recorded as a MAU.

I am a Developer. Does boardme have an API?

Even though boardme aims to provide the best possible experience for non-technical users, the developer's needs are not ignored!
boardme has a powerful API that can be used from within your own codebase, and we are working on actively extending it to serve the developer's needs.

Can I Customize the Design?

Yes, boardme has theming support.
It comes with a light and dark theme, and it allows you to create and customize your themes within the Theme Editor.