Quick start
Get up and running quickly with boardme user onboarding: project setup and installation.


boardme is a solution that offers User Onboarding as a Service. It enables non-technical people to easily set up their user onboarding via user interface, and it helps technical people save precious development time.
The solution was designed to be effortless to use with minimal technical know-how, but without sacrificing flexibility and developer needs.
In the short guide below you are going to learn how to get up and running with boardme with just a few simple steps.
Estimated completion time: 4 min

Create a Project

Once you've successfully logged in to your boardme account, you are presented with a page that prompts you to create your first project.
Click on the + Create project button, and provide a name for your project.
Create your first project on the projects page.


Create a Flow

After creating your first project, you will be automatically redirected to the project page, where you are prompted to create a flow.
Click on the + Create flow button, to access the modal.
Create your first flow.
The modal will be presented which helps you create your first flow. This modal allows you to configure your flow based on your preferences, but if you're not yet familiar with boardme, we suggest that you keep the default settings, and only provide a name for your flow.
Provide a name, and save your flow. Let the magic of defaults take care of the rest.
Congratulations, you now created your first flow!

Create a Guide

With your first flow created, now it's time to add a simple guide to the flow. The most basic form of a user guide is a Card, so let's create that one first.
Click the + Add a Guide button to trigger the guide selection dropdown and select the Card option, with is the first one in the list. You will be automatically redirected to the guide editor page, where you can customize your guide.
Select the Card guide type from the dropdown.
Creating the guide will redirect you to the guide editor page, where you can customize the appearance of your guide.
Feel free to change the title, theme or position of your guide.
After you are done playing around with guide customization, it is now time to Publish your changes and install boardme!


Install boardme

Installing boardme is as simple as copying and pasting a single line of JavaScript into the <head> of your HTML document.
Let's navigate back to the project page.
Before installing boardme make sure your flow is in Published state, so that the changes can be visible on your website or application.
If you didn't publish it yet, you can do so using the options dropdown to the top left of your flow on your project page.
First click the ... button to access the dropddown, then click the Publish button.
Click the Publish button on the dropdown.
Your flow state will switch to Published and it will be marked with a green bullet.
For installing boardme you will need to copy and paste the boardme script into your application.
Click the </> Click to Install button on the project page header. This will display a dropdown from where you can copy the script to your clipboard.
Once you have the script on your clipboard, paste it into the <head> of your HTML document, on the very first line. Once you refresh your browser, you should see boardme installed and the onboarding flow taking effect.
Congratulations, and thanks for using boardme to improve your user onboarding!