Learn everything about boardme Themes.


Themes allow you to let your creativity run wild and come up with your own design for your Guides in boardme.
boardme comes with 2 built-in themes Loire and Danube - a light and a dark Theme.

Applying a Theme

To apply a theme you need to go to the Guide Editor and select the theme of your choice from the Control Panel in the top right corner of the interface.
boardme allows you to apply a different theme for any Guide within your project. You can specify a default theme that will be used every time you create a new Guide, but you are not limited to applying the same style for all the Guides in your Flow.
You will have 2 themes to choose from by default, but you can also click Edit Theme to start building your own.

Custom Themes

While in the Guide Editor you can click the Edit Theme button to start customizing a theme.
When pressing the button you will be redirected to the Theme Editor, where the theme of your Guide will be used as a base for the Theme that you are building.
Built-in themes cannot be edited or deleted, but they can be used as a base for the custom themes you build.
Alternatively, you can navigate to the Themes page from the boardme header section to access the full listing of the themes available to you.
While on the Themes page, you can press the + Create theme button in the lower right corner to create your first theme.
When creating a theme from the Themes page, your default theme will be used as a base to customize. You can change your default theme in the Theme Editor.

Theme Editor

The Theme Editor allows you to customize your theme and make it fit seamlessly with your brand.
The editor can be broken down into 2 main sections the Preview and the Control Panel.

Theme Preview

The Preview displays the 3 Card types with the selected theme applied to them. The preview updates automatically as changes in made the Control Panel.

Control Panel

The Control Panel is the place where you can configure the styling of your theme.
You can import fonts, set colors, and change the overall shape of the guides as well.
The panel is broken down into 3 tabs:
  • General - allows you to configure all the common properties of the guides.
  • Modal & Card - contains the properties specific to the Card and Modal type guides.
  • Tooltip - contains properties specific to the Tooltip and Hotspot.