Learn everything about boardme Projects.


You can think of a project in boardme like a directory that contains all the Flows for a specific website or application. Ideally, you would have one project per domain, but you have no limitations imposed on you.
Specifying a name for your project is mandatory, however, the website URL associated is optional.

Project Identifier

Every project has a unique identifier associated with it.
This identifier is generated automatically, and it is used to identify the appropriate project that should be loaded into your website when boardme is installed.
Below you can see an example format for the identifier.


Project Script

The boardme script that gets installed into your website is tied to the project identifier.
The installation of this script is a simple copy and paste.
All you need to do is copy the script from boardme and paste it into the <head> tag of your website. (Similar concept to Google Analytics)
You can see the format of the project script below.
<script type="text/javascript" defer src=""></script>
Once it is installed, you will have access to all your Flows and Guides from the installed project as well as programmatic access to the boardme API.